Build your wholesale business with our industry-leading software solution! Effortlessly manage purchasing, inventory and distribution while maximizing operational efficiency. Our tools provide in-depth insights into sales patterns and market trends, enabling you to make strategic decisions. Optimize your operations and drive growth with our powerful software.
Our applications complement each other. Do you produce your own? Then you can expand the wholesale package with the production modules, for example.

Gencom artikelen en prijzen

Articles and prices

Each company is unique and has its own method of registering products. Our software allows easy and flexible creation of new models and articles. Structure, numbering and parameters can be freely chosen. Price management can be simple or you can choose to go into more detail with price groups, agreements, discounts and so on.
Some obvious terms in this context are size bars (not only horizontal, but also e.g. different by country, customer or supplier), assortments and packages.


A good procurement policy is critical. You don’t want to buy too little, which may prevent you from delivering to all customers and consequently lose sales, but on the other hand, you also don’t want to be left with a surplus. Our software supports you in these business-critical processes and helps you make the right decisions. Some features:
– Economic and available stock, present and future
– Automatic order recommendation based on customer anorders, inventory and pending orders
– Minimum and maximum stock of NOS items
– Purchase status (supply chain management, ETD, ETA, samples received, etc)
– Supplier assessment (delivered too early, on time or late? Price discrepancies?)
– Etc.

Gencom aankoop
Gencom logistiek en facturatie

Logistics and billing

Optimize your business processes and deliver service excellence with one powerful platform. Choose seamless logistics and error-free billing for sustainable success.
In addition to powerful basic functions, we also provide the following features, among others:
– Identification of documents and products using barcodes
– Multiple warehouses
– Stock constantly updated, every mutation traceable
– Automatic creation of picking lists and packing slips
– Packaging labels printing (e.g. DHL link)
– Shipping list that takes into account closing days, exceeding credit limit, etc.
– Outgoing documents fully customizable to your corporate identity
– E-invoicing (PEPPOL/UBL)

Inventory Management

Proper inventory management is critical to the success and growth of any trading company. It ensures cost control, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, inventory rotation, scheduling, supplier relations and risk management. Investing in an effective inventory management system strengthens your competitive position and takes performance to the next level. The GenCom modules will optimize your inventory by reordering and redistributing items.
Inventory valuation is done at fixed or average transfer price (purchase price + markup). Optionally, you can have any inventory changes automatically booked to our Finance solution.

Gencom voorraadbeheer
Gencom koppeling webshop

Linking webshop

Optimize your business workflow through a complete integration between your B2B website and our ERP software. Real-time data synchronization ensures accurate and efficient processing of every order.
Take an integrated approach and optimize your B2B experience.

Business Intelligence

Data is knowledge!
Through our software, you collect a mass of data about your business, which is stored in an Oracle database. Using the powerful tool Microsoft Power BI, we provide an extremely intuitive visualization of this data. Complex data comes to life in interactive charts, tables, maps and diagrams. Personalized dashboards provide real-time insights and make Power BI an indispensable tool for your daily business operations.

We provide the link to our database and if required, we also set up the reports for you. In addition, you will receive extensive training so you can get started yourself.

Gencom business intelligence
Gencom integraties


Software integrations with Eezeebee, SendCloud, DHL, Mollie and WinBooks and Kofax P2P, among others, offer you many benefits, including automated shipping processes, optimized logistics and efficient payment processing.


GenCom Finance is our financial package. You can use it to do your accounting in a simple and transparent way. It can be used as a stand-alone application, or in combination with our other (logistics) software.

Extensive automation is possible, allowing you to reduce manual entry!

We can handle everything: both the accounting of a small company and more complex administrations of a multinational . Even accountants will have no problem maintaining their diverse files.
Some features:
– Extensive integration with other GenCom applications (sales and/or inventory changes are booked automatically)
– EDI link
– Ready for all legal returns (updated to the latest legal provisions)
– Import bank statements
– Import of entries supplied by third parties (payroll secretariat, …)
– Scanning and automatic booking of purchase invoices (p2p) + digital archive

Gencom finance


EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

E-commerce: B2C/B2B webshop integrations

Return management customers and suppliers

Consignment Management

Advance billing


Linkage with Finance

Dcoument management

WiFi hand terminal

Facility management



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