Service and support

Service and support

We take particular pride in our personalized approach.
You will get to know the staff of our service department personally and be guaranteed smooth access to them. They provide complete support, from installation to training and daily help. You can also contact us on Saturdays for hardware and POS system support.

Gencom projectmanagement

Project management and consulting

Our project managers, with years of experience in your business, are at your service at all times. A dedicated project manager is assigned for each project. He / she is your point of contact and your partner during the start-up, the duration of the project but also afterwards for all further activities, follow-ups and consultancy.
What can you expect from our project managers?

– coordinating the overall project
– advising the other project group members
– Managing the GenCom consultants and application specialists
– Guide the use of the application
– Reporting project progress/maintaining project schedule
– reporting to the steering committee


GenCom is responsible for training on our applications. This can be done in our training room in Paal-Beringen or we are happy to come to your site.
Our motivated training staff all have outstanding solution knowledge. Moreover, during this training we will advise you on the best ways to use our software.

GenCom is recognized by Flanders as a “training center.” This means that you, as a client based in Flanders, can recover up to 30% of your training costs through the KMO portfolio.

Gencom opleidingen
Gencom helpdesk


You can always reach our help desk by phone or email.

We record all your questions and/or requirements in our call system and connect you with the appropriate support representative. These employees are always ready to help you and do so in a quick and accurate manner.

How and when can you reach us?

– on normal business days from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
o by phone : +32.11.450.550
o via email :

– on Saturdays call the special number +32.476.36.00.80 (for a fee)

We also provide permanent staffing in our support department during the leave periods, in July and August, and during Christmas leave.

During public holidays, minimal services will always be available (except if the holiday falls on the same day in Belgium and the Netherlands).


GenCom is registered by the Flemish Government as a service provider for the KMO-portefeuille under the theme “Digitalization”(DV.O 217062).
This allows you to enjoy 20% to 30% subsidy for your trainings !

This recognition is the result of a thorough audit of internal processes. This involved testing various parameters against strict criteria.

This included a review of the company structure, internal and external communications, the overall approach to projects, HR policies, administration, quality control, etc.

This registration is not a substantive assessment of VLAIO regarding the quality of our courses.

More detailed information (including how to apply) can be found here