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GenCom is the solution for your manufacturing business, whether you produce in-house with purchased fabrics or have private label operations. Our ERP software takes your production processes to the next level. Our solution simplifies and optimizes delivery and production planning.
Our applications complement each other. If you distribute your own produced items, for example, you can expand the production package with the wholesale modules.

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Raw materials and procurement

You create raw materials with completely freely selectable parameters and numbering. Within purchasing management, the MRP (Material Requirement Planning) gives you the exact quantities to start production.
Raw materials can be managed in packages or rolls (with or without color baths). By setting a minimum and maximum stock, shortages are eliminated.

BOM and consume

The BOM (Bill Of Material) or parts list states how many materials/raw materials are needed for each model/article. And this for all parts and different stages of production. It can be by size of the item or even the material used (e.g. shoe heel or sole, zipper length, etc).

In addition to BOMs, you can also work with subBOMs. For example, the top fabric determines the type of lining, yarn and buttons. By using a subBOM, you can then link to the main raw material, the lining, yarn and buttons so that they are automatically populated later in the BOM.

Gencom bill of material
Gencom productie


Our years of experience have shown that we have the right tools to support you in the complex production process.

Some key features:
– Multiple production sites/ateliers
– Multiple stages of production (follow up Work In Progress (WIP) and consumption)
– Automatic resource allocation
– Clear statements of work for the studio
– Data on returns, cost trends, lead times, daily production in various statistics
– Quality control
– …

Business Intelligence

Data is knowledge!
Through our software, you collect a mass of data about your business, which is stored in an Oracle database. Using the powerful tool Microsoft Power BI, we provide an extremely intuitive visualization of this data. Complex data comes to life in interactive charts, tables, maps and diagrams. Personalized dashboards provide real-time insights and make Power BI an indispensable tool for your daily business operations.

We provide the link to our database and if required, we also set up the reports for you. In addition, you will receive extensive training so you can get started yourself.

Gencom business intelligence
Gencom finance


GenCom Finance is our financial package. You can use it to do your accounting in a simple and transparent way. It can be used as a stand-alone application, or in combination with our other (logistics) software.

Extensive automation is possible, allowing you to reduce manual entry!

We can handle everything: both the accounting of a small company and more complex administrations of a multinational . Even accountants will have no problem maintaining their diverse files.

Some features:
– Extensive integration with other GenCom applications (sales and/or inventory changes are booked automatically)
– EDI link
– Ready for all legal returns (updated to the latest legal provisions)
– Import bank statements
– Import of entries supplied by third parties (payroll secretariat, …)
– Scanning and automatic booking of purchase invoices (p2p) + digital archive


EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

E-commerce: B2C/B2B webshop integrations

Return management customers and suppliers

Consignment Management

Advance billing


Linkage with Finance

Dcoument management

WiFi hand terminal

Facility management



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