E-invoicing (UBL/PEPPOL)

Step into the world of smart and digital invoicing, with our ERP software you are ready for the future.


It is time to look forward! From Jan. 1, 2026, digital invoicing between companies will be mandatory and it will no longer be enough to simply send a PDF file. The future of efficient business administration lies in true e-invoicing, structured according to the internationally recognized UBL format. This means uniformity in readability and processing for all. Governments have been required to receive and process invoices in UBL format for several years.

GenCom is proud to be part of this digital revolution and is following developments closely. Our software enables sending invoices in UBL format through the PEPPOL network!
PEPPOL, an international data network for e-invoicing, becomes the highway along which your invoices reach their destination with ease and security.

The benefits of e-invoicing:

  1. Administrative simplification

Far-reaching administrative simplification through the standardized UBL format. Everyone can read and process the files uniformly, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

  1. PEPPOL network efficiency

Send your UBL invoices through the reliable PEPPOL network. The international nature ensures seamless cross-border transactions.

  1. Future-proof ERP software

With GenCom’s Business Solution ERP software, you are ready for the future. It offers you a smooth transition to the digital world of invoicing.

Contact us for options, we are happy to assist you!

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